It’s In the Details

When it comes to home decor, it’s in the details.  The living room is often the area in a home where family gathers and guests are entertained.  Therefore, it needs to be as warm and inviting as possible.  Part of making the room feel welcoming is through proper accessorizing.

This ocean front condo holds breathtaking views of the Halifax Waterfront but unfortunately, the living room lacked a certain luxury look and feel.  Here are some tips to help create a well put together living room.

Before Kings Wharf


Plan First – Shop Later:  Don’t make the mistake of going to your local home decor shop and spending a ton of money on a pile of accessories before you make a plan.  I find going on is a great way to search thousands of photos to find your inspiration.  Remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery!  Before you head out the door to shop, take some photos of your room at various angles with your smart phone and refer to them often. 

Accent Your Floor:  You can place carpets or rugs on the floor to give the room a softer, lighter feel.  Use a rug that is large enough to support the size of the room.  In a large open concept area, rugs will help to define the space and anchor the room.  The rug in the above photo is too small for the space and layout of the condo.  Choosing a solid, neutral colour rug, will give you more options when it comes to accessorizing with accent pillows and art work. 

Lamps and Other Lighting:  In addition to giving off good light, the right lamps will enhance you living room decor and add interest to the space.  Depending on your room design, you may even want to consider a chandelier or pendent accent lighting. 

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Tables & Storage:  Use tables and other storage areas to accessorize your living room. You can place displays in cabinets, on open shelving, or on consoles and coffee tables.  Be strategic and try not to be too nicknack-y.

Wall Art:  I often choose my art work first then build my accessory plan around it.  However, this is not a hard and fast rule.  The right piece of wall art can transform a space, and should be a complement to your decorating scheme. 


A Splash of Colour:  Let your personality shine through when it comes to colour.  My own taste is to choose a neutral wall colour and furnishings so that I can accent with any colour that suits me.  From there, I’ll find a striking throw pillow, wall art, or accent rug, and build my accessory melange around that.  I like to choose a hue of colour from the same family then add one (or two) contrasting, yet complementary colours to add depth to the space.