The Covid-19 Rules for Attending an Open House

If you’re thinking about attending an open house, here are five things you can expect:

1. Sign In

The REALTOR® will ask you to sign in when you arrive at the open house. This is required for contact tracing. If you get sick later, it’s important to see who you came in contact with so they can be tested and potentially isolated. This is not a tactic for the REALTOR® to get your contact info and will not call you unless you expressly ask.

2. Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask is an effective way of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Put on your mask before entering an open house to help protect you and others.

3. Keep Your Distance

To help you keep physical distance, the REALTOR® will remind you to keep at least two metres (six feet) distance from other parties at all times.

4. Look But Don’t Touch

Please refrain from touching any surfaces or using the bathroom. The REALTOR® will turn on all lights and keep all doorways open to help make this easier. If you would like to look at something closer, talk to the attending REALTOR®

5. Sanitize Your Hands

Using Hand Sanitizer helps prevent spreading the virus. The REALTOR® will set up a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the home, along with the sign in sheet.

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