A REALTOR’S® Guide to Better Landscaping

When it comes to Listing and Selling for top dollar, landscaping is an opportunity to show off pride of ownership and a chance to create a positive first impression for potential buyers. 

Consider these four budget-and curb-friendly tips to upgrade your home’s Curb Appeal:

  1. Get Gardening – A home with just a basic lawn will need a little help to create interesting, modern curb appeal.  Consider adding a well organized flower bed.  Perennials and shrubbery, are a cost effective way to achieve this.  Take a picture of the space you are considering planting your bed and bring it with you when you head to your local nursery.  The specialists there will be able to help you select the right plants for your bed size, and zone.  Consider, the mature size of these plants as well as proper spacing.  Plant in uneven numbers, and consider symmetry when planning your bed.  It helps to draw out the bed with pen and paper and have have a planned layout.
  2. Lawn-care, Weeding & Pruning – Overgrown and patchy lawns are unsightly and are often an easy fix with seed and feed.  Set up a water sprinkler and get growing. Any weeds coming up in lawns, cracks, flower beds or bushes, need to be removed. Consider using landscaping fabric for extra protection against unwanted weeds. Overgrown trees, hedges, and shrubs block light, look unkept, and affect the overall look of your home. Use a good pair of sheers or a hedge trimmer to shape and trim back overgrown plants.  It’s like giving your greenery a hair cut.

  3. Bed Edging – Edging is a great way to define your garden beds. To achieve the look, grab an edger and create clean curves and lines around your beds.  Consider adding fresh mulch or other bed defining materials such as beach pebble to really make your property pop.

  4. Planters – Another cost effective way to add a pop of colour, and curb appeal is through the placement of colourful annual planters.  Keep them deadheaded and watered and potential buyers will be delighted when they arrive.

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