Why Staging Your Home For Sale Is So Important

First impressions generally impact our decision-making. Therefore, a properly staged home usually has a better chance of selling at a higher price than one that hasn’t. Here are 4 reasons you should consider staging your home for sale.

Staged Living Room

Sell Faster for a Higher Price

Effective staging will help sellers get their home sold quicker, for a higher price.  Although it’s hard to estimate how much, sellers who stage their homes often sell for a higher price than homes that are not staged. 

When a home is shown in its best light, buyers are excited to imagine themselves living there. When potential buyers can see themselves living in your home, they will be motivated to make a competitive offer.

That Certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

A euphemism to express a desirable trait about something that can’t be explained, simply put, staged homes just look more appealing.

Stagers know how to professionally present homes attractively, appealing to a broader spectrum of buyers. Also, professional photos of a staged home are likely to draw more interest online.  

A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place

Personal clutter can often hinder a potential buyer’s ability to visualize themselves living in a home. Staging and depersonalizing a home allows buyers to objectively view the property, so that they can see themselves in the space.

A professional stager will help sort out what things need to be packed and stored away to make your home feel more spacious, clean, and organized.  If you can live without it while you are trying to sell, it should be packed now.

A Great First Impression

Do not underestimate the value of a great first impression. This starts the minute buyers enter the driveway.  Not only will stagers evaluated the inside of your home, they will also assess what needs to be done outside to create great curb appeal.

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